Web Application Development

Web Application Development unlike anything you've seen before!
Visual WebGui

  • Web-Like-Desktop in any Browser
  • Install once, deploy many!
  • Run on Windows, Web, or Mobile
  • Proven Un-hackable with Bullet-Proof Security!
  • Conversion of Existing Applications!
  • Completely Customized for your Business!

Experience the Web-Like Desktop Revolution ...

Dascoba builds Web Applications that blur the line between Windows and the Web

Whether you need a local software running on office's computers or you need a web-based application accessible from anywhere, Dascoba can handle it.  Local software installations run on the PC and/or network and are very specific to the environment they are installed in.  Web-based software is installed on a network server and can be accessible from within any web browser (IE, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome) on any platform (Windows, Mac, Linux, Unix).

What is the Primary Benefit to having Dascoba Develop your Custom Web Application!

Dascoba utilizes a revolutionary development framework known as Visual WebGui or VWG.  VWG allows Dascoba to build once and deploy twice.  We can build one application that will work in both a Windows and web-based environment.  The beauty is that whether you run the software on a Windows PC or deploy it on a server for a web-based installation, the software will look and function the same.  No more do you need to have an application developed twice (once for Windows and once for the Web), you can have all the functionality you need built the first time and have it work the some in both Windows and Web environments.

Can Dascoba convert my existing Windows application to the web?

Dascoba can take your old VB6, VB.Net, C#.Net Windows applications and give them a major upgrade to Visual WebGui. Imagine taking your old company software which was previously installed on your PC and running it in your web browser without an installation.  Software upgrades can be done once on the server and all users will have the latest version. No longer have problems with users forgetting to upgrade there software.

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